I am an early childhood educator and arts-based educational researcher in New York City. As an educator I’ve worked with: P.S. 10K, Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Brooklyn Public Library, Imani House, Blue School, CAMBA, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, and Open Source Gallery/Koko. My artistic research into the role of creative processes in knowledge-making as well as in questioning knowledge elitism has been exhibited in contemporary art shows like ‘Oh, it is easy to be clever if one does not know all these questions’ (Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, UK). I’ve been a scholar-in-residence at the New York Public Library and an artist-in-residence at the Gowanus E-Waste Warehouse. My written work has been published in Performance Research and Ateliér. My latest piece of writing “All-American Siddhartha: Whitewashing Buddha’s Childhood,” in collaboration with the Critical Childhoods and Youth Studies Collective (CCYSC), can be found here.

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